Today I refused to walk down the hill at Whisper Cove

Daddy takes us to Whisper Cover when the wind is blowing hard for our walks. I have no problem walking up the hill. But when it comes time to go down the hill I have real problems. I think I'm going to fall all the way down so I refuse to move. Daddy does lots of talking to me to "walk slow" and "come" but today I didn't want to respond. As a result Daddy picked me up by my life vest and hauled me down a few feet and then we walked a little until I froze. He repeated this several times. It doesn't help that Cinco is pulling me down the hill. It is so scary going down hill when you are blind. It took us 30 min to go down the hill this afternoon cause Daddy was very patient with me. Eventually we made it back to the dink and then home for dinner.