Today Daddy made a special lunch that he only does once every couple of months. He popped corn in BACON GREESE! This time, for the first time, he gave Cinco and I a handful of this most wonderful food. Can you say BACON GREESE, BACON GREESE, BACON GREESE!!! Yeh. I sure hope we don't get pukey or sick from this cause if we do he will never let us have it again. BACON GREESE, BACON GREESE, BAAAACOOON GREEEEEESE the most wonderful stuff in the World!!!! Corn Popped in BACON GREESE is almost as good as having BAAAACOOON!

The dock was scary

The big dink dock was scary today. It was a long way from the dink to the top of the dock. Daddy tossed me way up and gave me the "WAIT" command. I did okay for a while, but daddy was making noises in the dink and I wanted to be with him. I started walking to the noises and Daddy YELLED at me to STOP AND WAIT. He never has yelled that loud at me before. That was scary, so a froze in place. Next thing I know Cinco was up on the dock and Daddy was telling him to WAIT. He got clipped in and then Daddy yelled at both of us to wait while he made noised down below in dink. Then Daddy came up and grabbed our tether and we began to walk down the dock to town. I couldn't do it!!! There were gaps in the boards and I felt that my paws could fall through them, so I did my "FREEZE I'M NOT MOVING ANY MORE" position. Daddy picked me up and carried me down the dock to shore.
It was a sniffy town, lots of things to smell and lots of places to pee. On the way back we got to the scary dock with the cracks in the boards and I did my FREEZE again. Daddy picked me up and carried me to the edge of the dock where dink was tied. After a few seconds, Daddy told me to WAIT and put Cinco in the dink, then he called me and I walked up, Daddy grabbed me and set me down in dink. We then went back to the boat at ate puppy Jambalaya!
I hope the next dock is not that high above the water.

Daddy is depressed today

He is cooking puppy jambalaya for us and trying to figure out what he is going to do about the radar pole. Right now he says he is going to take the radar unit off and try to lash the wind generator down. He says he is going to need another 4" U-bolt to add to the system and then he will have to drill and tap one or two bolts through the front plate. Daddy thinks that will hold, but it will be several weeks until we can get a 4" U-bolt. Daddy has some large hose clamps, Spectra line, and high tech 7/16 sailing line. He is also investigating if there is a chandlery or hardware store here in The Saints, if he can find a U-bolt that would be good even if is regular steel. Otherwise his patches will have to hold until we get to Dominica. Daddy is assuming that the tangs broke cause of the stress and that no amount of welding will keep the tangs in place, so his plan is to avoid the tangs completely, but that will put a lot of stress on the new front plate that Kato made of the radar pole and the twisting forces will have to be accounted for in the repair.

Daddy Cut our Hair!

Ugh, I hate hair cuts, but Daddy has me looking all smart (so he says, I don't know since I can't see). Daddy also cut 100s of cockleburs out of Cinco and has him looking all smart too. He cut one of Cinco's toe nail to short and Cinco bled all over the boat. I helped Daddy clean up by licking all the bloody spots Cinco left behind.
We wend swimming yesterday at a beach in Guadeloupe. Daddy hauled us out in the deep water with our life vest on and made use swim for 5 minutes. Some times I roll while swimming, Daddy makes sure that I don't get tangled in the line when that happens. Finally Daddy let us swim to where our feet touched ground then he picked us up and tossed us into Dink so we wouldn't get sandy. We had fresh water rinse and rubbadub towel dry offs before dinner.
I hope Daddy takes us to that beach again today. Cinco agrees with all I've written except Cinco thinks he needs a special treat since his toe nail was bleeding. Daddy is thinking about it.
Now Daddy need a hair cut and Cinco wants to clip his nails. Somehow I don't think Daddy is going to let us cut his hair or nails Happy