Hair Cuts

Daddy gave us hair cuts. He does a really bad job, we look sooooo shaggy Happy We also went swimming and got our nails clipped. I feel like a new dog. Well, not really.
Every day for the past week Cinco has given me full face "Lickies". Daddy says he is going to change my name to "Licky McLickface" if Cinco keeps this up.

TOBY today

We went to Time Out Boat Yard "TOBY" today for the flea market. We got to see some of our doggie friends. It was nice. I didn't let daddy buy anything there. After that we went to Shrimpy's to visit Mike, Sally, the laundry lady and their puppies. It was really fun. After that we rode back to Music on the Dink really fast cause the wind has finally stopped blowing really hard. We had puppy Jambalaya for breakfast. This evening we are going to the island for a BBQ. Daddy has marinaded marlin steaks and made a big batch of tabouli for the party on explorer island. Hopefully Silver Penny will join us with their dog.

Cinco is sleeping in MY BED

Jupiter: We went to the beach today and played with two other puppies. It was fun. Then daddy made us go swimming and then we came back to the boat and had dinner, puppy jambalaya as usual. It was yummy. But then as the sun went down Cinco when to the back room and went to sleep in MY BED@!!@!! I hate it when he sleeps in my bed. Daddy says I should assert my self and kick him out of my bed. I don't think I can do that to my big brother. So, since I'm a wuss I have to sleep on the floor in the back cabin instead of on my soft comfy bed. Sometimes I HATE CINCO, but most of the time I love him.
Cinco: ZZZZZ

I'm Sick Today

Jupiter: I'm so sick, I've puked a couple times and had running dodos on the rug. I think it may have been caused by my begging and begging Daddy for a little taste of cheese. After 10 minutes of begging he gave me a little piece of rind. Oh it was so yummy, but we are both paying for it now. Daddy has been washing rugs today and I've not be feeling very good. Daddy says that maybe I won't beg for cheese anymore, but I doubt that. When I smell that stinky french cheese, a blind boy just has to beg and salivate!!! But for some reason I don't think Daddy will ever give me a slice of cheese rind again Sad
Cinco: Daddy forced me to go swimming today. I didn't like it, but I did like it when Daddy rinsed me off and rubbed me all over with a fluffy towel! Jupiter is not himself today — a lot of sleeping. Daddy says he has to go to Marigot this afternoon to get a couple items.

Home Alone

Jupiter: Daddy left us home alone to guard the boat from the Pirates and other villains that would attack our home. We did a really good job. When Daddy got home the boat was still safe and in the same condition he left it in (with the exception of a small spot of puppy pee on the rug - not sure where that come from, must have been the Pirates that tried to take the boat). I was so happy to see Daddy come home, I yelped and made crying noises until he picked me up and rubbed my tummy.
Cinco: Daddy was so busy today that he didn't make puppy jambalaya for us until after he got home. As a result we didn't get our food for an hour after our beach walk and swim. Jupiter was very upset and he barked a lot at Daddy while the chicken and rice was cooking. The good thing is that after an hour or so we had hot kibbles fresh from the pot!!! I wolfed it down like crazy and so did Jupiter.