Chain lenghts

About the second year after owning Music, I put all the anchor chain out on the dock, measured it and painted the markings. Ever since then I have believed that the marks were 5 leagues (aka 30 feet). I have always anchored assuming that was true and that worked until I went out into the ocean.
For the past two years where I'm anchoring in 20+ feet of water, I noticed that my anchor didn't set as well as it should at 5:1 ratio, so I've been using 8:1 ratio.
Today I dumped all of the chain onto the ground and found that instead of 30ft per mark, I have 20ft per mark. This explains why and 20 ft. of depth I had to use what I thought was 150ft of chain to be secure (7.5:1) when in fact I was only using 100ft of chain (5:1), and that is perfectly normal until you get winds above 40Kts.
Oh well, I'm still not sure why I thought it was 30ft per mark…. It is clearly 20ft per mark.

Haulout in Grenada

We will be on the Hard for a week, maybe a little longer depending on when we can get a new "prop nut" delivered.
Here is a picture of the boat on the trailer. I've never been hauled this way, it was a bit strange. Usually marinas use a travel lift. This place only uses the travel lift for really big boats.
IMG_20180419_083422387 (1)

Day 18 of ticks

And we are still harvesting ticks off the dogs. This was Jupiter's haul today. Mostly in his neck and toes. YUCK I HATE TICKS
IMG_20180418_122504507 (1)

TAFFY's on Tuesday night

Wow. Not much more to say, like Hog Island on Sunday and now TAFFY's on Tuesday.
Only thing better was Hog Island on Christmas Eve Night in the rain.
Now that the music is at TAFFY's you can get great food and TAFFY's is much closer than the Brewery.

Tick update

The collars are working, but I still do tick picks twice a day on the dog and I'm still finding the little blood suckers.
Today Cinco bit me, hard, and he is now on warning that if he does it again I'll have to put him to sleep forever.
I'm anchored at exactly 12deg north and today the wind has shifted a bit to the southeast and now we are floating just a little above 12deg.
The boat gets hauled out on Thursday, so in the next day or two I have to take the sails down and then motor over to Clarks Court Bay so I can bring the boat into the marina at 8AM on the 19th. We should only be up for 1 week.
No pictures as my Nikon camera isn't working right now. Still trying to figure that out.