Just spent 3 weeks in the USA

I will post up pictures and info in the next few days. It was fun!

Outboard motor

Last week I had it serviced and it was running like a charm. This morning the prop "spun" I never hit anything with it…. Today Nigel drilled it and put two screws in and it is wonderful again.

Just had a crown (tooth) fixed

I only cost 100ECD for the visit and repair. That is less than $40 US.

Painting the Grave Stones

Today I went to paint the grave stones of Cinco, Jupiter, and Krull (another mini-schnauzer). They were painted white as we did each year with my grandmother for all souls day. Their stockings were still there from Christmas and I left Cinco's Santa Clause for Krull on his grave stone (this was the other mini-schnauzer that died after new years and is resting next to them). Needless to say, I did cry a bit while the paint dried. The grave site is still undisturbed. I only cry a couple times a week :) — Still missing those Puppies.

Moved the boat today

I moved the boat off of the mooring we were using since May. I only moved about 200ft but this is the first step in taking a land vacation to visit the USA. Today the owners of a mini-schnauzer asked if their puppy could be buried next to my two dogs. YES YES YES. They said they didn't need help. Jupiter and Cinco will have another mini-schnauzer friend joint them on the South side of Hog Island, West Indies. I'm sad for their loss and cried when I saw the Vet show up to be taken to their boat.