What a party!!!

Don's 50th BD and we all went up to the hot sulfur springs in the jungle of Grenada. Started at 10:00AM and I didn't get home until 10:30PM. One of the best birthday bashes of all time. We started with a pair of busses coordinated so that he wouldn't know (it was a surprise party). Lots of beer, wine and food. A hike up the jungle hauling all the beer, wine, ice and food. When the sun started to go down we did a pub crawl back to Nimrods Rum Shop and then hung out there for a while. I switched to H2O before we left. All the same, 4 lacerations (a bamboo bridge collapsed while I was crossing it carrying two heavy bags of leftover wine beer), a few bruises and scrapes and I once again lost my voice from yelling out as the bar tender. (Cricket is over for now, we didn't make it to the semi-finals so I thought I would get my voice back— Ha, not with a party like this). The picture bellow is after the bottom has been churned up a bit. Normally clear water with yellow sulfur on the rocks.

No more Cricket playing

We have been eliminated in the preliminary rounds. We will start up a cruiser only pair of teams to practice so that we are ready to win next year!

Pictures from the past week's cricket game

Here are a couple of pictures or you cricket team. First all the players a mix of cruisers and locals in the Woburn area.cricket uniforms
And for all my friends that have never seen a cricket field, here is what it looks like:
cricket field

Haven't posted in a while

Cinco is much better but still needs to gain weight. I started adding scrambled eggs to his food. He needs to put on about 2 pounds.
I've been playing Cricket on the local cruiser's team. We don't win, but it is fun. I'll post some pictures of the games and the team later.

BBQ on Hog

Daddy and Cinco in hog island
It was a good picture put google won't let us copy it to this page! GRRRRRR