Yesterday's Lunch was good

I don't think I have to say much more. Sorry the Cell phone doesn't take good pictures indoors. 3lbs and needless to say I was stuffed and skipped dinner.


I won the 9-ball pool game last night!!! Cinco and Jupiter where there to cheer me on!
They are getting better on the new meds.
Today I found Kraft Mac and Cheese at the grocery store. I haven't had that since pre-college…. I bought a box and prepared it last night… "comfort food" I wasn't as good as i remember, but I think they removed all the artificial stuff from it…. All the same I ate about half of it and the rest went to feed the fish… I have no way, nor do I know of any way to reheat that stuff.
Planning to install the Christmas lights in the next few days… That will make it easy to find the boat at night, but it will eat a lot of power. I ordered another solar panel and that should make everything right but I have to figure out how I'm going to mount it on the boat.\

Sick Puppies

Last week we started another round of sickness. Jupiter has an ear infection and Cinco had a fever that knocked him hard for a couple of days. He recovered pretty well, but still not great. Today was the Vet visit to get antibiotics of Jupiters ear and get the doctors to examine Cinco. Cinco has some pills he will have to take for a few days and if it doesn't get better, then we will be back for blood work. Both of them are sleeping now that they have had their meds.

Great vist from Jane and Gene today off the Cruise Ship

Jane and Gene showed up in Grenada this morning. Chico and I picked them up and gave them a tour of the South side of the island as they were here only for a few hours. I think they may come back for a hotel room and a longer stay some time in the future. It was awesome and they are bringing a couple chocolate bars back to the USA to send to Sandy and Ashley (Sandy thinks she knows chocolate but has never tasted the world's best made here in Grenada). After a tour of the spices and the Grand Etang, we had lunch at Umbrellas on the beach. This is the first burger I've had in a long time. It was SWEET!!! Blue cheese and all was woofed down quickly with a couple of beers serve on island time… and I'm still burping the blue cheese. That was my first time at Umbrellas on the Grand Anse beach - Nice pub on the beach and it has a bigger menu that I thought it would have. Here is a picture of Jane and Gene looking at the falls in Annandale.

Last few projects before we are ready to start moving

This weekend Gene and Jane are stopping in to visit and we will go for a Chico tour of the island and lunch.
I have a few small projects to work on before we start moving north for high season. The plan is to make it up to Martinique and hang there for a month or two getting fat on French food before heading back down to Grenada for the 2019 Hurricane season.