Great Night playing Pool

We held the southern bay' international 9-ball game this evening. I made it to the qtr finals…. Scratched on the 9-ball…. oh well… but it was a blast the ladies from Prickly Bay were in the finals.

TS Karen is 50 miles away

And heading to us. Should be lots of rain and a bit of wind. My boat is moored to a 400lbs ferry anchor in Woburn Bay. Should be okay as I'm only expecting 30kts of wind for a few hours. Just have to keep the dinghies from sinking with all the rain we will get. I have one clipped to a halyard just in case.

Heat Rash

I haven't had this since I was 12yo. What a pain. It is getting better now. We have come cooler weather moving over in the form of a tropical depression or storm Sun and Monday. Keeping a close eye on it in case we have to run to Trinidad.

Sorry for not posting in a while

The old man I've been looking after since he showed up at my boat on Boxing day 2018 and said he had brain cancer and would need my help… He comes from a totally dis-functional family. I fully supported him and got him on Chemo at my expense and the donation of other cruisers. By June (after 10K to 12K of expense) he was self sufficient. He paid for his own chemo in July.
In Aug he lost his ATM card cause he is losing his memory and didn't know his PIN code. I've been looking out for him and have saved his life many times since Dec 2018. But in Aug he began losing his memory. Since Aug I've been spending 4 to 8 hours a day caring for him (full blown dementia). 2 days after losing his ATM card he developed a potentially life threatening staff infection in his knee. I and the Dr.s treated him. I would rather gut a pig and clean the intestines for sausage then debrade a staff infection the size of a grape fruit… Once again I saved his life and tried to get his family to support him. He decided to go back to America on Aug 31. He just flew out today (and I opened a bottle of Rum when I saw the plane fly overhead). After coughing up $5000 and only asking to be paid for the money I spend since August (an additional $1400), the daughter didn't offer a penny and she bitched when I gave her the Vet bill for $200 that I paid cause they had to take him to the hospital while I was caring for the dog. She has not paid my expense to clear his dog into the US or for may expenses feeding him and caring for his medical bills in Aug and Sept after she had been here in Grenada for the last week. I was paying for his food. She didn't even buy me a beer!!!
Next time some old fart comes to my boat and says he has XXXX cancer and needs my help, I'm going to tell him to fuck off.

Irritated about a boat rescue

On Friday night a Cat hit the reef at Mt. Harman Bay. This was at low tide. The Skipper decided to wait until morning to get help, but the SOB didn't put out a stern anchor! Overnight the high tide was .7 meters…. that pushed him all the way up onto the reef so that by Saturday when he asked for help, the high tide just after 12 noon was only .5 meters… No way to get him off.
What irritate me is that he didn't put out a stern anchor until I showed up and yelled, "where is you stern anchor." The second thing the pissed me off is that on the Saturday VHF net that I run, this guy is asking for help and Mr. Ken Good is all over it so I asked him to coordinate on another channel to get this guy help at high tide.
After the net, I walked the dogs and had brunch. When I got back to the boat at high tide, I checked to see what was being done. Ken called the coast guard and they might show up - PERIOD. He had not done SH!%! So I get on the radio and in 10 min have 10 or more powerful boats and have someone assigned to call out the Secret Harbor Marina boats and their ferry to help. We couldn't move the boat cause he allowed the boat to be washed way up onto the reef overnight (no anchor on the stern). I'm not sure how the will get it off without removing the keels.