We are anchored off of Princess Margaret's beach. This and Tony Gibbons Beach are two of the most awesome beaches I've seen. On any other island there would be high rise hotels but not here. I've been to Bequia several times in the last 20 years and it gets better each time. The walkway on the edge of admiralty bay has been raised and improved. You can now walk from the ferry all the way to Princess Margaret's beach with out being slammed by waves for slipping on algae coated rocks.
It appears that St Vincent has realized that their foreign money comes in from the Grenadines and not from the main island. There is only one place on the main island that attracts boats or tourists and that is the southern most point called Young Island and Blue Lagoon. The rest of the Grenadine Islands are fill with tourist and yachts. Bequia is a yacht haven and the other islands (with the exception of Canouan, no body would go there unless they were on a golf tour for the filthy rich) are money makers for those that support the diving and yachting business.
Here is a picture of the main street in Bequia. There right side is for cars, the left side is for people.


Sailing injuries

Every time I go sailing the next day I find bruises and sore spots that weren't there the day before. While sailing "shit happens" and you deal with it as quickly as possible. You bang and arm or your leg and you don't notice it at the time. The next day you feel the pain. On my trip up from Carriacou to Bequia we had a great sail, winds just below 20kts and 2ft seas. The heading was great leading all the ways past the lee side of the Grenadines to Bequia. But we did have a few big waves wet the deck. On one instance I was standing on the cockpit seats holding on to the dodger and getting ready to trim the main for the new squall that was coming in to us. My feet slipped off the deck and I went crashing down onto the wench then rolled and hit the other wench. My chins are bruised, my forearms are bruised and I have two bad bruisers on my left and right abs. The forearms and chins have done okay, but the left side of my torso is still bruised and in pain when I move certain ways.
Other than that accident, the sail was awesome!!! Full Gib and reefed main at 6.5kts of speed right on course, even with the current setting to the West.
For the past 4 days I've had pain when rolling over at night. Otherwise it is good. I was clipped in so no chance of going overboard on this (I always clip in).
Hopefully in another couple of days I'll be good as new. I have lots of Vit C with all the citrus fruit in season. A bit of Rum helps as well :)

Puppies are cleared in!!!

Yep, they have walking papers for SVG. We sailed from Bequia this morning and took a mooring at Young Island Cut. Dink took us to Blue Lagoon where we met the vet. She said that I should ignore the BVI about requiring rabies tests every year. I will do that as those test cost lots of $s. We had to go to the vet to get lime and heart worm tests cause our were more the 6mos old. The Gov of SVG drove us to the Vet for the tests and then the Vet drove us back to Blue Lagoon. The Vet test cost, but SVG doesn't charge to import animals. Yeh. Here for a month I think.
Two mega yachts just anchored and are blocking our view of the ocean. One is 135ft the other is 204ft.

Sail to St Vincent

Really nice sailing yesterday. Waves were small and the wind was between 12 and 20kts at 128deg. That wind angle was perfect for scooting up the island chain.
Today I cleared into St. Vincent and tomorrow we are going to Blue Lagoon where the puppies have an appointment to clear in at 11AM. Should be a short 2 or 3 hour sail up there if the wind doesn't shift to the North-East. We may stay one night, but we may sail back to Adm Bay once the puppies are cleared.

Fish Attack

This morning I woke to the sounds of big splashes and noise outside the boat. I got up, poured a cup of OJ and went to the cockpit to see what was going on. There was a huge school of small fish all around my boat and deep down I could see big fish in a broad circle. Every 5 minutes or so the big fish would rise up and attack the small fish. All the small fish would jump out of the water and the big fish would follow them making big splashes. This went on for about one hour until the Boobies showed up. I was hoping they wouldn't shit on the decks. The Boobies starting diving at my boat and that sent all the small fish running and the big fish with them.
Tyrell Bay is really clean water, you can see the bottom (over 20ft where I'm anchored). It is really nice to be in such clear water again.