Carnival is upon us

Yep it is time to party… Pan bands start on Saturday The Night Mass is on Monday, the Fancy Mass is on Tuesday. I'll have pictures

Tips from friends

Tonight I made pizza using a quick method suggested by friends. Make pizza sauce (paste, sugar, fennel, oregano, garlic and hot peppers) then put a flour tortilla in a heavy skillet. Top this with sauce, and anything else you want. Grate cheese on top and bake in a hot oven 400F for 15 minutes.
Yum Yum Yum, thin crust with all the goodies I like.

Today the rain stopped and now it is time to wash the dogs

The dog hate the idea of being washed, but they love the act of being soaped down and rubbed from head to toe. We ran the engine yesterday so we should have hot water today. Jupiter is going to rebel and Cinco will hide in the aft cabin. All the same we had a zero tick count today so it is time for the rub-a-dub-dub-in-the-tub. They won't get hair cuts for another couple of weeks.

No updates for a while

There is not much special going on here. Just waiting out hurricane season and enjoying Grenada. Carnival starts in a couple of weeks, that is always fun. Still dealing with ticks, but the daily count is usually between 4 and 10 ticks. Puppies got baths and hair cuts last week they are just beginning to forgive me for that :)
Mangos and sugar apples are in season!! YUM.

Registered to vote

There has been a lot of stink about transients like me registering to vote. Clay county FL refused to let me vote even though I have a FL Drivers License and an FL address cause my address wasn't good enough!!! Chris Parker has raised a stink about this and I hope my mail service, they provide mail for thousands of use sailing, will raising a stink too. Two years ago Clay County refused to let me vote. I just registered online and I will see in the next couple of weeks if they well accept it. If not, then "taxation without representation" and I will demand the IRS return my tax payments and I will refuse to pay taxed in the future until I'm allowed to vote. I'll use Clay county's rejection of my right to vote as evidence for the IRS.
For those of us living on boat the "physical address" requirement is a pain in the ass. Most place refuse to recognize a US flagged vessel with USGG/Homeland Security documentation as a legitimate address. My boat is US territory and that is where I live. After you talk to a few managers they seem to adjust their thinking…. All the same, the web pages refuse to accept a US flagged vessel and USCG documentation number as a physical address and none of them like my PO Box.