Stars our out tonight

Great to see Scorpio and the souther cross at the same time. The cross ill be setting soon, but on a clear night Scorpio''s tail goes into the milkyway. So sweet to see when the moon is not too bright.
Another bright star is rising, I need to figure out what it is named,

Nice Day, everyone is preparing for a hurricane

Yes we are in the target of possible Hurricane. Everyone is busy securing their boats. No place to head as Grenada is the only island open for yachts. Hoping for the best.

Great Art


Toys found

In My frantic search for the repair kit for the outboard motor I found these. The upper is "Flosty the SnowMobile Man" this was Jupiter's FAVORITE toy while he could still see. Jupiter would never let Cinco play with him cause Cinco would perform a squeekectemy on him. Jupiter used to hide him from Cinco. His squeeky still works since 2004!
Below is "Abstract Squirrel", Cinco's favorite toy and Cinco used him to teach Jupiter about Squirrels when he was just 6 month old. At the kitchen sliding door SQ's would climb on the screen and torment Cinco and Jupiter. Cinco ran down stairs and got Abstract Squirrel and showed him to Jupiter and he would shake him hard, put him down, then bark at the Squirrels on the screen door. Cinco was smart.
I am going bring these to their resting place when the winds calm down.

puppy toys

Still under stay at home... car engine starter broke

Over 2 months under emergency orders… they are slacking up a little each week.
The starter for the engine broke… that is the line that run from the pull handle to the fly wheel. I had a short piece of rope, so I was able to remove the cable spring and hand start it today. I just found a segment of Spectra line on the boat and have rewound the spring. I'll try remounted it to the engine later today once the sun goes down a bit more. Spectra line in different sizes is nice to have but impossible to cut. Have to use a hot-knife. I'll see how this works out, but it should never break again!