Life is hard as a mini-schnauzer on a Yacht

Daddy made us swim a lot today. It was high tide on our afternoon walk so after we walked all the way down the beach at Hog Island, Daddy made us swim all the way back to the boat! He didn't let our puppy feet touch the sand as he made us swim the full length of the beach. And then when we got back to the boat, he hosed us down with fresh water, rubbed us with a big fluffy towel and then fed us puppy jambalaya. Oh, life as a mini-schnauzer on a Yacht is so hard. Really it is!

I want my Aunt Noonie and Julie to come back and rub our tummies

Can I say more? Cinco and I are attention deprived.

I think Daddy may be losing it

Every time Daddy swats a fly he sings, "another one bites the dust." Daddy may need medical help after he ate an entire chocolate bar yesterday. The fly paper isn't working. Daddy says that the flies that would land on fly paper have done so and so have not reproduced… basically Darwin is saving the flies cause the ones that land in flypaper don't reproduce, so all the flies we have on the boat will never land on the fly paper — Daddy has to hunt them down with the fly swat. Daddy is really good with the fly swat!
Daddy took us to the beach this morning and we met the french doggie that torments Cinco. They did well and all was okay.
Daddy is going to lunch at Whisper Cove today. We hear that the food on Sunday is really good, but Daddy says we are not allowed on Sunday.
Oh well, maybe Daddy will bring back a doggie bag Happy Please!!!!


We just purchased a used generator. It's a Yamaha and it is working fine today. We are going to try to get a full charge on the Batts today.

Daddy twisted my paw

Daddy wants to spend a couple of boat dollars to buy a Honda 2000 generator. After a very long discussion with me (Jupiter) we decided that it was a good idea to get one of these since the diesel generator is not working and the wind gen is down for a while.
Daddy promised that i would get to pick my own puppy treats at the Vets this week if i agreed.

Aunts visited

Two Aunts visited us this past week. They rubbed our tummies and made us feel really good. One problem, they held us down for hair cuts. I'm not sure that I liked that. But now that they have gone home I miss the tummy rubs and all the attention we had.