Exploring on Explorer Island

Jupiter: Today we went hiking on explorer island. We went up and down hills and I tried to stay on the path. It wasn't easy cause there were so many tempting smells and sounds. All the same Daddy did a good job keeping me from walking into trees and cacti.
Cinco: Explorer Island is GREAT! But daddy and Jupiter are so slow walking. I want to go back. There are still more trails we haven't been on. And today Daddy made us wash our feet, but he didn't make us swim. I don't really like to swim.

We went to Explorer Island today

Jupiter: Daddy took us to explorer island today. I was fun, we got to swim.
Cinco: I liked the island, I still don't know if I like to swim. Daddy made me swim, but I could touch bottom most of the way back to shore

Daddy is evil - He popped corn in BACON grease today

Jupiter: Yes, popped corn in BACON!!! grease. It is this multi colored premium pop corn — every kernel pops! Cinco and I sat at the edge of the galley and watched as each kernel popped and smelt the most amassing smelling grease. When all the noise and pot shaking was done, did he share any with us??? NO, HE DIDN'T! Not a single popped kernel was allowed to fall on the floor for us. What's a puppy to do when you are tormented like this? (I think I'll pee on the rug tonight, hah) The smell of pop corn and BACON grease for 5 minutes and then no sharing. I really think that Cinco and I need a lawyer. The smell of BACON grease will linger in the boat for hours. My beard is wet with saliva.
Cinco: I agree with Jupiter. Today a pelican swooped down on the dink while we were in it. I barked at that monster and it few away. Once again I saved Daddy and Jupiter from a monster! Last time it was a goat. This time a big brown pelican. I think I need a reward Happy

Strange smell today

Jupiter: We when to fill up the gas tank for dink this morning and when daddy put us on shore I could smell something different. Cinco barked a lot and I peed. Later when daddy put us back on dink he said that was a goat.
Cinco: On shore today I saw a thing with a pointing snout and horns. It was watching us closely and I barked at it. i've never seen anything like it before. Daddy says it was a goat. I don't know if I like goats, but it didn't bark back at us. It just stood there and watched. Not sure what to do about it, but I peed all over the piling where so it would know that this is my space!
We went to a bistro this afternoon, I barked a little bit, but everyone was so nice I couldn't bark much.

today we went to Island Water World

Both: We went to the dink dock at Island Water World this morning and it was nice they have a big grassy area where we got to sniff and do our stuff. Daddy hooked us to a post and then went in the store to buy a new light for dink and a solar shower bag. We stayed outside to keep an eye on everyone going on and watch the door of the store to see if Daddy would come back. He did come back. But we met several nice ladies while outside and they gave Cinco lots of behind-the-ear rubs.
This evening we went to Port Royal for a walk. We did our business on the street side and then Daddy walked us along the full length of docks. Oh there were lots of good smells and there must be 10 or for restaurants on that dock. We hope to go back there soon to smell even more goodies.
Daddy worked on the engine today and made us stay in the back room so we wouldn't fall in the bilge. Then he ran the engine for several hours before out walk. He still has the batt connection cabinet open. He says if all work well that will be closed on Friday.d

I'm soo sick

Jupiter: I've been puking and running all over the rugs in the boat for the past two days. All because I raided the trash for CHICKEN BONES… Daddy has been good about this other than him fussing at me that evening when I made too much noise raiding the trash. My tummy is starting to feel better now.
Cinco: Oh Hum

Wet dink ride

Jupiter: Daddy almost dropped me in the Ocean today. He was loading me on dink when a wave rolled up on the side. Daddy got me into dink okay, but daddy fell into the Ocean. It was really funny, but Daddy wasn't laughing. I pulled himself into dink and started the engine as though nothing had happened. His hat and glassed were still dry.
Cinco: I love napping on the settee. It's been raining a lot today. That is good cause we got a lot of salt water splash on us while we rode into town for a walk.

Another day of boat projects

Jupiter: Daddy worked in the bottom of the boat today. He put up the floor boards so that I couldn't help him. I think he thinks I will fall into the bilge. That only happened once and I've promised Daddy that I would be more careful in the future. Cinco slept all day and did nothing productive with one exception. He gave me a full face lick.

1.5 inches between the planks

Jupiter: I don't like the docks at this marina cause there are 1.5 inch gaps between the planks and we have to walk several hundred feet before we are off the dock. Daddy says that we will be leaving the marina soon. That will be good, I want to ride in the dink with the new Tohatsu motor I just bought.
Cinco: Lots of sniffing on this evening's walk, daddy took us all the way to the ferry terminal and I got to see an iguana! It was big, green, and ugly!!! I barked a lot at this thing and it ran out onto the rocks to get away. Daddy wouldn't let me chase it. There were some black birds as well, they swooped at us, but I saved Daddy and Jupiter from them by barking and jumping at them. Good thing I'm here or Daddy and Jupiter may have been seriously injured by tropical black birds or iguanas.