We haven't posted in a long time. Not since daddy's computer broke

The last year wasn't very eventful we've spent most of the time in Grenada, we spent a lot of time fighting the ticks we got in St Vincent and then in December Cinco got very very sick with tick fever in his spine. As a result we couldn't leave here cause no country will accept a puppy with tick fever. He is cured from the fever after and long testament of antibiotics, but he still doesn't walk very well and will be on medication for the rest of his life. I'm as blind as always and I still pee on the floors (no more rugs, daddy removed them cause it is easier to clean up after me if there are no rugs. I tried using the pee pad, but I know I'm on the pad, I feel it under my front feet but I just can't hit the pad Happy

Aunts are coming to visit US!!!

Our Aunts are coming to vist!!! Can you say, "TUMMY RUBS!!!" Oh, we are so excited. Joe is coming as well so Cinco is practicing his Paw Bump. Daddy says we are moving the boat to Egmont on Sunday to get ready for our Aunts and Uncle to visit!!! And we are going to get to stay on land at the house in Egmont Grenada!

More rub-a-dub-dubs

Daddy just did the most horrible thing possible to me and Cinco last night. I'm going to report him to the SPCA. Yes as the sun set and Daddy was drinking Rum he turned on the furnace and the without warning he grabbed me and hauled be to the head to get RUB-A-DUB-DUBBED-PUPPY-IN-THE-TUB. AGHHHH!!!! I HATE DADDY! But it did feel really good to be rubbed all over with hot water and soap.... BUT ALL THE SAME HE SHOULD HAVE GIVEN US WARNING IN ADVANCE. I HATE Daddy, but then again I LOVE Daddy who else would put up with me?


We had baths last night and lots of brushing. As a result we both got to sleep with Daddy in the big bed. This morning was another story. Daddy pulled out the clippers and he gave us hair cuts. I was really good and only sat down twice on Daddy; Cinco was not as good. Daddy thanked me for being such a good boy for the hair cut. Maybe we will get to sleep in the big bed tonight as well!


Why do they call it paradise if it rains all the time? This is not paradise for puppies — it is more like a paradise for frogs. Go away rain!