We went over Budget this month

Going over Budget makes my toes curl… I'm the Purser of this boat and I don't want to go over Budget. With Dink's repairs (skin grafts and valve replacements), new air pumps for both Dinks, a portable generator, additional gasoline, Christmas in July (sisters showing up with goodies for us) and a little bit more spending with the visitors, we went over Budget. As the Purser of this yacht, I approved these expenditures. We were below Budget for the past couple of months, so Daddy hasn't requested that I draw money out of the reserve accounts. We will have to buy diesel in the next couple of months, so I've asked Daddy to find the cheapest country for that and we will go there to fill up the tanks. I hear that the Grenada Yacht Club sells fuel with no added duty. Bequia has cheap fuel too.
Daddy is still planning our trip for the next year… Not sure where we will go, but Daddy promised Cinco that the longest passage would be 3 day for as long as Cinco and I are alive.

Defrosting the Freezer

Daddy is defrosting the freezer today and he is singing the "Frosty the snowmobile" song. Sometimes I have to questions Daddy's sanity. All the same we should have a defrosted freezer in a few more hours. Daddy is also going to add some shims to pull the cold plate away from the refrigerator wall so that we get more time between defrosting. The installer of the system was stupid in the way they put the new cold plates into our boat 9 years ago.

Beach, Beach, Beach

Beach Beach Beach, all we do is go to the Beach... You seen one white sand beach with palms and sea grapes, you have seen the all. I'm tired of going to the beach. I want mountains and glaciers, I want rocky shores. Daddy takes us to town now and then but town is full of chickens, goats, sheep and dogs. Been there done that got the T-shirt. I know my friends up north would love to be on a tropical beach, but I've been doing this for the past year and this is getting old. The most amazing thing on a beach is when a dead fish washes up, but Daddy doesn't even let me rub my face in a dead fish!!! What else are you going to do with a dead fish but rub your face in it? Oh well... I'll tolerate this for a bit longer. This week there was a stinky pig's head on the beach - did Daddy let us go investigate and rub our faces in it? NO NO NO!!! … Daddy never lets us have fun with that stinky stuff on the beach. Daddy has a saying, "If it smells that good, it can't be good for you" and then he pulls the leash.
Guess what? We are going to the BEACH today.

Today I refused to walk down the hill at Whisper Cove

Daddy takes us to Whisper Cover when the wind is blowing hard for our walks. I have no problem walking up the hill. But when it comes time to go down the hill I have real problems. I think I'm going to fall all the way down so I refuse to move. Daddy does lots of talking to me to "walk slow" and "come" but today I didn't want to respond. As a result Daddy picked me up by my life vest and hauled me down a few feet and then we walked a little until I froze. He repeated this several times. It doesn't help that Cinco is pulling me down the hill. It is so scary going down hill when you are blind. It took us 30 min to go down the hill this afternoon cause Daddy was very patient with me. Eventually we made it back to the dink and then home for dinner.