December 2019

Last post from me

Today is my last living post. I've been sick all week and Daddy says the Vet is coming to stop the pain. I'm going to see Cinco soon. Thanks to everyone for supporting me and Daddy these past few days

Christmas is coming

Christmas is almost here! Daddy just put out our lights on the boat. Not so easy as all the standing rigging is in the way. Now Santa will know where to deliver the veal bones!!! Daddy says we are putting up the tree and stocking this week. I LOVE my veal bones!!! Santa must love me, I've been a good boy all year!

I scared Daddy

I just gave Daddy a big scare. I got very sick last night and this morning I wouldn't eat or stand up much. Daddy got the Vet and she gave me a shot of anti-bioptic and I've got lots more special juice I have to drink. Daddy has to call the Vet again tomorrow and I may have to have another shot or get some tablets. I even have a feeverer and Daddy has dish towels in the freezer that he is putting on me. He says I'm going to get a cold rub-a-dub-dub-in-the-tub tonight to help keep the feeverers away. I'm feeling a little better since the shot. I can stand and walk a bit.