April 2017


At the end of today's sail, a cabbage fell of the kitchen counter. Cinco and I loved it. We made cold slaw. We actually we at the heart out of the cabbage and tossed the leaves all over the boat. I don't think daddy was happen when he came down after anchoring the boat. But like Daddy always does, he cleaned up the mess we made and then took us to shore.
That cabbage was dangerous the way it was rolling all over the floor of the boat. We had to do something to save the boat! Still Daddy didn't appreciate our effort to save the boat.

South Friar's Bay

We had lots of fun today at So. Friar's Bay in St. Kitts. We went swimming and played in the sand. All the people oogled over Cinco and I in our life vests. We got lots of pet and lots of fresh cold water to drink. We came home, ate dinner and are going to bed. I think I'm going to sleep very well after being sea sick on the way to St. Kitts.

Upper Middle Bogan

Daddy is watching multiple episodes of Upper Middle Bogan (and series from down under) and is laughing loudly at times. He wakes me up with the noise. I wish he would stop watching that series as I can't sleep when he makes so much noise. It is evidently very good!
We went swimming today in the deep water. I was worried that a tarpon would bite me. There are really big tarpon on the lagoon.