Daddy is depressed today

He is cooking puppy jambalaya for us and trying to figure out what he is going to do about the radar pole. Right now he says he is going to take the radar unit off and try to lash the wind generator down. He says he is going to need another 4" U-bolt to add to the system and then he will have to drill and tap one or two bolts through the front plate. Daddy thinks that will hold, but it will be several weeks until we can get a 4" U-bolt. Daddy has some large hose clamps, Spectra line, and high tech 7/16 sailing line. He is also investigating if there is a chandlery or hardware store here in The Saints, if he can find a U-bolt that would be good even if is regular steel. Otherwise his patches will have to hold until we get to Dominica. Daddy is assuming that the tangs broke cause of the stress and that no amount of welding will keep the tangs in place, so his plan is to avoid the tangs completely, but that will put a lot of stress on the new front plate that Kato made of the radar pole and the twisting forces will have to be accounted for in the repair.