1.5 inches between the planks

Jupiter: I don't like the docks at this marina cause there are 1.5 inch gaps between the planks and we have to walk several hundred feet before we are off the dock. Daddy says that we will be leaving the marina soon. That will be good, I want to ride in the dink with the new Tohatsu motor I just bought.
Cinco: Lots of sniffing on this evening's walk, daddy took us all the way to the ferry terminal and I got to see an iguana! It was big, green, and ugly!!! I barked a lot at this thing and it ran out onto the rocks to get away. Daddy wouldn't let me chase it. There were some black birds as well, they swooped at us, but I saved Daddy and Jupiter from them by barking and jumping at them. Good thing I'm here or Daddy and Jupiter may have been seriously injured by tropical black birds or iguanas.