Beach, Beach, Beach

Beach Beach Beach, all we do is go to the Beach... You seen one white sand beach with palms and sea grapes, you have seen the all. I'm tired of going to the beach. I want mountains and glaciers, I want rocky shores. Daddy takes us to town now and then but town is full of chickens, goats, sheep and dogs. Been there done that got the T-shirt. I know my friends up north would love to be on a tropical beach, but I've been doing this for the past year and this is getting old. The most amazing thing on a beach is when a dead fish washes up, but Daddy doesn't even let me rub my face in a dead fish!!! What else are you going to do with a dead fish but rub your face in it? Oh well... I'll tolerate this for a bit longer. This week there was a stinky pig's head on the beach - did Daddy let us go investigate and rub our faces in it? NO NO NO!!! … Daddy never lets us have fun with that stinky stuff on the beach. Daddy has a saying, "If it smells that good, it can't be good for you" and then he pulls the leash.
Guess what? We are going to the BEACH today.