Spare parts and tools

Daddy made me approve the purchase of lots of tools and spare parts plus things I didn't think we would ever need. After over a year sailing around I see that Daddy was right. He has been able to repair everything that breaks, though some times with epoxy and a quarter (the bilge pump). But all the same when we are in remote locations and something goes wrong, Daddy usually has the parts and tools to fix it (thanks to my approval to spend money on these things). So Daddy and I have a great set of tools for fixing things when they go bad. I don't help very much other than approving the money to buy this stuff.
Today was a good example of how Daddy can repair things, although it has delayed our departure from Grenada. Daddy had all the tools to repair the hatches and make them all seal up again! Punch, drill, drill bits, hammer, rivets, rivet tool, adhesive, etc.
Cinco is not very impressed, but I am! Go Daddy!