today we went to Island Water World

Both: We went to the dink dock at Island Water World this morning and it was nice they have a big grassy area where we got to sniff and do our stuff. Daddy hooked us to a post and then went in the store to buy a new light for dink and a solar shower bag. We stayed outside to keep an eye on everyone going on and watch the door of the store to see if Daddy would come back. He did come back. But we met several nice ladies while outside and they gave Cinco lots of behind-the-ear rubs.
This evening we went to Port Royal for a walk. We did our business on the street side and then Daddy walked us along the full length of docks. Oh there were lots of good smells and there must be 10 or for restaurants on that dock. We hope to go back there soon to smell even more goodies.
Daddy worked on the engine today and made us stay in the back room so we wouldn't fall in the bilge. Then he ran the engine for several hours before out walk. He still has the batt connection cabinet open. He says if all work well that will be closed on Friday.d