Home Alone

Jupiter: Daddy left us home alone to guard the boat from the Pirates and other villains that would attack our home. We did a really good job. When Daddy got home the boat was still safe and in the same condition he left it in (with the exception of a small spot of puppy pee on the rug - not sure where that come from, must have been the Pirates that tried to take the boat). I was so happy to see Daddy come home, I yelped and made crying noises until he picked me up and rubbed my tummy.
Cinco: Daddy was so busy today that he didn't make puppy jambalaya for us until after he got home. As a result we didn't get our food for an hour after our beach walk and swim. Jupiter was very upset and he barked a lot at Daddy while the chicken and rice was cooking. The good thing is that after an hour or so we had hot kibbles fresh from the pot!!! I wolfed it down like crazy and so did Jupiter.