Cinco and Jupiter say Hello

This is Cinco and Jupiter's first blog post. We hope this works.
Cinco: Hello everyone, I'm learning to swim but I hate the cockleburs that are all over here, they get stuck in my hair and between my toes and daddy has to cut them out. I don't have more to say right now, but wish you were here to rub my tummy Happy
Jupiter: I also hate the cockleburs, but Cinco attracts more of them cause he tries to chase chickens. We are in St. Martin at a marina for a few days until Daddy can get a few things repaired. After that, Daddy says we are going to visit all the bays and beaches on this island. I think I'll like that. You can always check me out on Facebook at Jupiter Liebenshund. My brother Cinco doesn't have a Facebook page cause he's and old Fuddy-duddy. Don't "Friend me" unless I know you - Daddy doesn't let me friend strangers. If i could, there are some really hot girls that want to meet me Happy