Daddy Cut our Hair!

Ugh, I hate hair cuts, but Daddy has me looking all smart (so he says, I don't know since I can't see). Daddy also cut 100s of cockleburs out of Cinco and has him looking all smart too. He cut one of Cinco's toe nail to short and Cinco bled all over the boat. I helped Daddy clean up by licking all the bloody spots Cinco left behind.
We wend swimming yesterday at a beach in Guadeloupe. Daddy hauled us out in the deep water with our life vest on and made use swim for 5 minutes. Some times I roll while swimming, Daddy makes sure that I don't get tangled in the line when that happens. Finally Daddy let us swim to where our feet touched ground then he picked us up and tossed us into Dink so we wouldn't get sandy. We had fresh water rinse and rubbadub towel dry offs before dinner.
I hope Daddy takes us to that beach again today. Cinco agrees with all I've written except Cinco thinks he needs a special treat since his toe nail was bleeding. Daddy is thinking about it.
Now Daddy need a hair cut and Cinco wants to clip his nails. Somehow I don't think Daddy is going to let us cut his hair or nails Happy