I'm Sick Today

Jupiter: I'm so sick, I've puked a couple times and had running dodos on the rug. I think it may have been caused by my begging and begging Daddy for a little taste of cheese. After 10 minutes of begging he gave me a little piece of rind. Oh it was so yummy, but we are both paying for it now. Daddy has been washing rugs today and I've not be feeling very good. Daddy says that maybe I won't beg for cheese anymore, but I doubt that. When I smell that stinky french cheese, a blind boy just has to beg and salivate!!! But for some reason I don't think Daddy will ever give me a slice of cheese rind again Sad
Cinco: Daddy forced me to go swimming today. I didn't like it, but I did like it when Daddy rinsed me off and rubbed me all over with a fluffy towel! Jupiter is not himself today — a lot of sleeping. Daddy says he has to go to Marigot this afternoon to get a couple items.