Dink is home

New to us dink is home after some repairs and valve replacements. I had to bring her back from Prickley Bay and that was quit a venture as usual. To cross the point, you have to enter the open ocean for a bit. Though it is protected, the waves can be pretty high with reefs all around you. Pups and I went for a ride today to check her out. All is looking good.
Avocados for dinner (made a big batch of Guac) and it is yummy. Grocery shopping is on Tuesday and I have a larger than normal list. I need to restock a few things like onions, peppers, cheese, fruit, etc. The rain stopped this morning at sun rise, so my clothes did finally dry. All freshly rinsed in tropical wave rain water. I hope it doesn't rain like that for a few more days even though it made sleeping really nice with the sound of the rain hitting the boat. It was also cooler last night; I had to throw the sheet over my legs to sleep.