Jab Jab Camp for Oildown and BBQ

Last night we had a gathering of cruisers at the Jab Jab Camp for Oildown and BBQ. This is the first time they have hosted anyone at the Jab Jab Camp. If you want to know more about Jab Jab in Grenada, look it up on Google. First picture is of everyone entering the camp.
The Camp is near the top of a Mountain in Woburn on the South West side of Grenada. The view from the Camp is sweet.
The Camp itself is rustic but well maintained, there is small kitchen where the food is prepared and a large fire pit and huge steel rack to hold the massive Oildown pot. There is a Bar and lots of picnic tables under the covered roofs.
They went out and gathered fresh bread fruit, figs (aka cooking bananas), callalou, and others stuff from the forests around the camp. The we all pitched in to chop everything up and prepare the OilDown pot. If you want to see more about Oildown, see a past post in August 17 on the blog. They also had a guided hike for those that wanted to check out the top of the mountain. With my foot still healing, I instead helped prepare food. Overall, a fun night and a good Oildown with lots of Lambis and pig snout.

Turkey Day

It was overall a slow day as I'm taking it easy on my foot. Most of the day was spent cleaning inside the boat. I still have more of that to do (if it doesn't rust it will mildew in this environment).
I had dinner at Taffy's, Turkey and all the extras including a really good slice of apple pie.
Today I'm going to a Jab Jab camp on the top of the mountain in Woburn to have an oil down and BBQ. Should be fun, but I'm not allowed to drink cause of the antibiotics. I'll bring the iPad for a few pictures to post up later.
My foot is doing much better, but it is still sore by the end of the day. Swelling is going down!

Dr visit today

Yep, went to the doctor for my foot. She dug into the wound with a long sharp object and pulled out a couple bits of rust.
I also got a prescription for antibiotics, so I'll have to stop drinking beer and rum for a couple weeks. My foot is much better today than on Sunday and since she dug into me, it is already less painful in my ankle. Total cost of Dr. Visit and drugs 148 EC — less than $60 US.

serious pain this morning in my foot

I could barely get out of bed. Thanks Julie for leaving her cane with me. Now, mid-day, the foot is feeling fine and the Marina has offered to provide help if needed. (Thanks Mary at Whisper Cove). I'm trying to get an appt for Monday to see if this is normal healing pains or if I need antibiotics. I think it is normal healing pains as I have no swelling, redness, or any other signs of infection. It is afternoon here and I can walk without pain…. we will see what the morning brings…

Time to get the bottom cleaned

The pistol shrimp are driving me crazy. Here are a couple of links to you can see what they are and why that make such loud noise through the hull of the boat. Popping noise is non stop on the boat! They are living on my hull with all the other sea critters. I think they are trying to get through the hull at times.


Lots of shopping today, but taking it easy

I need to let my foot rest after the punchture. We are walking on land only, no beach cause I don't want to put my foot in the water.
No signs of infection after 3 days, but it still hurts to walk on it. Otherwise okay, keeping it clean and watching for any signs of infection.
Pups are begging for walks right now, about 30 min before the normal walk time. They are so cute when the fuss to go out walking.

Import taxes

Customs just charged me 9.49 EC to receive a package of boat cards mailed to me by my sister. The guy at FedEx laughed, he said it was the lowest charge he had ever seen and that it cost the government more to inspect and issue the tariff that they were collecting. Oh Grenada they love to tax boat parts/stuff.
I got the cards, they look nice and should hold up better than the ink jet cards I was using until my printer went south. Thanks Julie.
I was also boarded today by the local Coast Guard. The wanted to check paper work and take a quick tour of the boat. No safety inspection or any of that stuff which is what I was expecting. Cinco barked at them, but they laughed him off and rubbed him behind the ears. They had 8 or more people on that boat… way more then needed for patrols and inspections.
Puppies went to the vet on Wednesday. Cinco will be on Cyclosporine eye juice for the rest of his life to keep his immune system from attacking his tear glands. Ugh, he has become comfortable with me putting this in his eyes every day. It appears to be working.

This is the fastest man in the world

Yeh he jumps out of airplanes with a tiny parasail and lands at 95MPH I've seen videos and they are awesome. He was at dinner last night with his parents, wife and sister. It was really nice talking to him about how he does it.

Happy BD to Me!!

I had lots of fun last night with friends and drank tooooooo much. Ran a spike through my shoe and into my foot to start off the night. it hurt like hell for about 30 min. Had a NP help be bleed it out and clean the boo boo. Doing okay. Patrick's for dinner was great. Here is a photo at the end of dinner… We went to the Brewery and Nimrods afterwards. I'm moving slow today :)

Nov 15th It will be one year from our land fall in the USVI

Yes, it has been a year and the puppies are still the same little Ass holes that they have been for the previous 14 years. All the same we are enjoying our trip down south. This will be the second winter that we have missed. Although the autumn leaves look tempting, the cold is not in my blood or the puppies blood. I'm looking forward to another year of cruising with the rascals. We will stay in the West Indies this year cause so much damage was done to the leeward islands by CAT 5 hurricanes. We will leave Grenada in a few weeks and head up island. We will be back here for the next hurricane season.

This is a pic from one of the French Canadian boats for Oct 31

Yep, Alex and he is so sweet he gives me "five" every time I see him. "pet moi sanc" I have no idea if that is how you spell "give me five" in french…. but that is the closest to what I say
Here is Alex for Halloween. He is a great kid and Cinco and Jupiter love him as well.

31 octobre 20172017-10-31, Halloween in Prickly bay

Lobster Man delivered today

So look at what I just put the in the Freezer! This is the humane way to kill them. It will be yummy dinner on Friday… I have to be sure to buy more butter at the store.

We are Illegal Aliens

Yes, we are Illegal Aliens!!! And we did it just like most of those in US. We didn't cross a border fence, instead we overstayed a tourist visa… Yeh, No wall would keep us out…
Oh well, they won't deport us cause we are Americans and they love us here in Grenada, but I have to go get my visa extend this week. The cruising permit has us here until Dec 15, but the visa expired last month. Hopefully I won't have to leave the country and then come back to get the short term extension.

Pimientos Cheese

Just made a batch with sharp white cheddar. I haven't had this since 1982… I have to let it age in the fridge for a couple days so the flavors will mellow.
Puppy baths this morning and hair cuts likely late afternoon or on Tuesday morning.
I have to call the Vet and get Cinco's eye check scheduled. Right now it looks like he will be on Cyclosporine for the rest of his life. But it appears to be working.
We went to the Sunday Hog Island BBQ and the pups had lots of fun, not much beach as it was high tide on a full Moon and a large area of the flat land was flooded with 4 inches of water. As usual it was fun - Cinco and Jupiter got lots of pets and Cinco barked at everyone until they pet him.

Puppy Jambalaya and Boat Jumble

I made another batch of puppy jambalaya today (routine every 4 days). This time right when it was done the propane alarm went off and shut the stove down. As usual I panicked only to see Jupiter lying in the galley with is butt near the sensors…. Puppy farts and propane sensors do not go together :)
The dogs had smelled the chicken for several hours as I went to the boat Jumble to get rid of a few spare parts that are no longer spare for me. Once I was back on the boat they went crazy as I deboned the chicken, smashed the peas and added the rice. Now, just afternoon, they have tummies full of jambalaya and are sleeping.
We will be going to Hog Island for the music and BBQ this afternoon.

Pad Locks in this environment

Summary, pad locks die hard… and if they are made of hardened steel you have to get a grinder to remove them. I have yet to find a brand that will last for more than one month in the salt air, tropical environment.
On the other side once I remove the pad lock from the engine I took the dink down to the beach. I flipped her and remove all the growth… If I had tabasco and crackers some of these critters would have gone down good with a cold beer.
The dink now planes again…. This is only after two weeks of not hoisting her at night… I had mangrove oysters and coral and barnacles all over the bottom.

Best corn yet in Grenada

The lady at the market said that the season here is not until Oct and Nov as corn planted early doesn't get the water it needs.
This was some really good yellow corn… I hope to get more next week… What they had last month was good but not like this. Yum Yum, butter, salt and black pepper… Two ears for dinner and I'll have to get more so I can have some with Lobster :)