February 2019

BBQ on Hog

Daddy and Cinco in hog island
It was a good picture put google won't let us copy it to this page! GRRRRRR


The Southern Cross

At 4AM in the morning you can see the Southern Cross and the guide stars. In addition the big dipper is out as well at the same time. No clouds in the sky during the dry season here in Grenada… Life is good.
Dinghy concert yesterday on V and Silvio's UFO :) Life is good!!!

Still haven't posted in a while

Cinco is doing much better after 5 week of antibiotics. We have a Dr. appointment next week to see if he is cured. Jupiter is as crazy as always but he has more anxiety when I'm off the boat that he used to have.
I'm still caring for a boat neighbor that has terminal cancer.
Weather down here is awesome at the start of the dry season. Very few cloud and very impressive stars at night. It has also been down to 22C at night so the sheet is used every night.
Today we have doggie walking at Saga Cove. I thing we will have a wiener roast with SMORES… Should be fun.