Great vist from Jane and Gene today off the Cruise Ship

Jane and Gene showed up in Grenada this morning. Chico and I picked them up and gave them a tour of the South side of the island as they were here only for a few hours. I think they may come back for a hotel room and a longer stay some time in the future. It was awesome and they are bringing a couple chocolate bars back to the USA to send to Sandy and Ashley (Sandy thinks she knows chocolate but has never tasted the world's best made here in Grenada). After a tour of the spices and the Grand Etang, we had lunch at Umbrellas on the beach. This is the first burger I've had in a long time. It was SWEET!!! Blue cheese and all was woofed down quickly with a couple of beers serve on island time… and I'm still burping the blue cheese. That was my first time at Umbrellas on the Grand Anse beach - Nice pub on the beach and it has a bigger menu that I thought it would have. Here is a picture of Jane and Gene looking at the falls in Annandale.

Last few projects before we are ready to start moving

This weekend Gene and Jane are stopping in to visit and we will go for a Chico tour of the island and lunch.
I have a few small projects to work on before we start moving north for high season. The plan is to make it up to Martinique and hang there for a month or two getting fat on French food before heading back down to Grenada for the 2019 Hurricane season.

Birthday Dinner

For my birthday a bunch of fellow boaters joined Cinco, Jupiter and I at Whisper Cove for Pizza. It was fun. Here is the main gang… and the following picture is of the folks at the end of the table. About 20 of us in total. This was a great way to end a very windy rainy day. Lucky for us the rain stopped about an hour before and it didn't rain for the rest of the night.

Halloween Party this past Friday

Taffy's had a party last Friday. I wore a business suit…. I didn't win a prize cause Gary was in a Tux and he won for the best dressed man. Here are a few nice photos. Vee and Silvio are awesome as the Munsters and the horse is really cool. Then there is the German group followed by Gary the Sax player and his wife Vanessa.

Ah, Murphy's Law and boat maintenance

Today was one of those days. A few days ago, I fired up the Engine and it overheated in a few minutes. So I cut off the engine and let it cool down over night. The next day I opened the sea strainer to find it clogged with black fiber stuff and the weld on the SS strainer was dissolved. So I remove the strainer and cleaned it. I went to Island Water World and got a new Nylon strainer basket (I replaced all the other strainers with Nylon about two years ago when I rebuild all of the strainers except the Engine strainer since it was in good condition). After