1/2 Day at the SGU Animal Hospital

Cinco, Jupiter and I spent 1/2 day at the St George's University Hospital for Puppies. Cinco has tick fever (both Ehrlichia and Anaplasma) and it is in his spine. He has lots of antibiotics to take for the next month. In two weeks we have to go back to the Hospital so they can test Cinco again. They also want to test Jupiter! cause Jupiter lives with Cinco. Cinco has other problems with is Liver, but first we are going to treat his tick fever, then in two weeks he may have to have a scan of his liver to see if there his another problem. Cinco has lost 3lbs in the last two month cause he is not eating all of his food. According to the Doctors he should feel better in a few days, but he still will have to take pills for the entire month. The dog can barely walk as a result of the spinal infection.
Next time I clear the dogs into St. Vincent I'm going to see if they have a plan to deal with the stray dogs on Bequia and the infection parasites these dogs carry. I'll be happy to raise money to spade and neuter the strays and get Suresto collar put on them to help curb the problem.
We (pet owners) go through hell to prove our pets are healthy and clean of parasites to import them into St. Vincent, but Bequia is full of stray dog that are infested with disease and parasite and our pets end up sick from visiting these islands. Something needs to change.

Loss of a Friend

Today I receive an email that a dear friend has passed away. I worked with her since 2004 and she, her husband, another couple and I would have lunch every Saturday at Davis' Pub in Annapolis from 2009 until about 2012 when she retired and they moved south. Last month they made a special trip to come down and see me here in Grenada. It was Great! I took them on a private tour of the Island and we had lots of fun catching up with all that was going on. I know they had fun on the tour as neither of them had been to Grenada before. Chico ran the tour for me and we did as much of the Island as you can do in just 6 hours. I know her husband reads my posts — so THANKS for coming to see me in Grenada last month. I will always cherish the time we had together in Annapolis and on the Grenada tour. If you need anything, just yell, you have my email address.

Walk on the beach

Today I took the dogs out for a walk on the beach. It may be one of Cinco's last walks on the beach. I've promised him that we would go again on Saturday since today he loved to sniff and appeared to be interested in the beach and all the smells on Hog Island. We have a Vet appointment for Monday and 9AM to get test and scans done for him. He is still eating and that is good, but he has not eaten all of his food in over a week. Yesterday he only ate 1/2 of his food and this morning the same thing, but this evening after the walk on the beach he came home and ate all of his food for the first time in several days. Now he didn't lick the bowl… but Jupiter did that for him :)
Cinco cannot balance himself and I had to hold him up this morning to poop… He also almost fell of the boat after the beach walk and what saved him was the netting I installed on the boat a few weeks ago after he fell of 6 times. He is not himself, but there is one nice thing about this, he lets me brush and comb him without being snarky! He has never done that in the past…. But he won't let me cut the hair on his legs… yet…

Christmas Day

Santa came and delivered lamb chops and veal chops. Yum and the dogs are excited to cause this is one time of year they get "bones". Right now they are chewing on the first round of lamb chop bones. I don't think I'll hear a peep out of them for a couple hours. On Boxing day we will have the veal chops. Merry Christmas to all. Oh by the way it was 23C this morning…. very COLD :)

Yesterday's Lunch was good

I don't think I have to say much more. Sorry the Cell phone doesn't take good pictures indoors. 3lbs and needless to say I was stuffed and skipped dinner.


I won the 9-ball pool game last night!!! Cinco and Jupiter where there to cheer me on!
They are getting better on the new meds.
Today I found Kraft Mac and Cheese at the grocery store. I haven't had that since pre-college…. I bought a box and prepared it last night… "comfort food" I wasn't as good as i remember, but I think they removed all the artificial stuff from it…. All the same I ate about half of it and the rest went to feed the fish… I have no way, nor do I know of any way to reheat that stuff.
Planning to install the Christmas lights in the next few days… That will make it easy to find the boat at night, but it will eat a lot of power. I ordered another solar panel and that should make everything right but I have to figure out how I'm going to mount it on the boat.\

Sick Puppies

Last week we started another round of sickness. Jupiter has an ear infection and Cinco had a fever that knocked him hard for a couple of days. He recovered pretty well, but still not great. Today was the Vet visit to get antibiotics of Jupiters ear and get the doctors to examine Cinco. Cinco has some pills he will have to take for a few days and if it doesn't get better, then we will be back for blood work. Both of them are sleeping now that they have had their meds.