Outboard motor

Last week I had it serviced and it was running like a charm. This morning the prop "spun" I never hit anything with it…. Today Nigel drilled it and put two screws in and it is wonderful again.

Just had a crown (tooth) fixed

I only cost 100ECD for the visit and repair. That is less than $40 US.

Painting the Grave Stones

Today I went to paint the grave stones of Cinco, Jupiter, and Krull (another mini-schnauzer). They were painted white as we did each year with my grandmother for all souls day. Their stockings were still there from Christmas and I left Cinco's Santa Clause for Krull on his grave stone (this was the other mini-schnauzer that died after new years and is resting next to them). Needless to say, I did cry a bit while the paint dried. The grave site is still undisturbed. I only cry a couple times a week :) — Still missing those Puppies.

Moved the boat today

I moved the boat off of the mooring we were using since May. I only moved about 200ft but this is the first step in taking a land vacation to visit the USA. Today the owners of a mini-schnauzer asked if their puppy could be buried next to my two dogs. YES YES YES. They said they didn't need help. Jupiter and Cinco will have another mini-schnauzer friend joint them on the South side of Hog Island, West Indies. I'm sad for their loss and cried when I saw the Vet show up to be taken to their boat.

New Years Eve

Down here it is called Old Year's Night. It was a blast at Taffey's. Good food and fun in Woburn Bay.

Some pictures of Jupiter and Cinco

The first picture is of their grave site with the stockings full of veal bones that Santa left them. The second is the view they have from their final resting place on Hog Island. The next is of them together on the sofa, then Jupiter and his favorite toy (FROGGY that is buried with him) then of the two of them sleeping together, and finally them keeping watch on the boat at a marina just incase a stranger or friend came down the dock.