Old vs New Dink

Yesterday I got the fitting to allow me to pump up old Dink since new dink is leaking air and has to be pumped up every time I use her. Well yesterday after putting old dink in the water, new dink has not leaked air at all. I pumped here up yesterday morning and I was able to take the dogs for an evening walk on Hog Island, go to the neighbors for sundowners, returns home at 11PM, and then take the pups to the beach this morning. New dink is holding air… I guess the threat worked :) New dink is behaving. I still have to pull the inflatable floor out of old dink cause that is leaking air. That will be one of my projects for today. I will also go to Prickly Bay today to pickup some fly paper… The flies are swarming and I'm sick of swatting and picking up dead fly bodies. According to the locals this is temporary, and cause by the large number of Mangos on the Island that are ripe and falling on the ground to provide the fly larvae food to grow.