Sail to St. Kitts

We started just after 8:00am from St. Barth figuring that this would get use there at about 5:00pm. We got there at 6:15pm. The initial sail was great. Reefed main and staysail in 20kts of wind and we were making 5.5kts of speed. About half way, the waves started to knock our speed down to about 4.5kts. So we hit our waypoint just north of St. Kitts about 30min late. The waves got really choppy and confused interacting with the islands and both puppies got sea sick. Not nice. As we rounded the north end I figured the winds and waves would change since this is such a big and tall island (the tops are covered in clouds). And they did but not as expected. The wind clocked sound back for a while, but the waves came head on. Three foot waves that being the boat to a stand still at times. Once the winds clocked back, they were nearly on the nose, so we started the engine and motor sailed for a while. This wasn't working as the sails weren't providing enough power and the waves just kept slamming. So cranked up the RPMs, pulled down the sail, headed closer to the windward shore and started to see 4kts of speed. That was good cause that would get us there before sun set, but just.
Now I'm in the main town just after sun set and the evangelical revivals are under way with LOUD SPEAKERS. Hopefully this will stop by 8PM tonight.