Mason Jars

We hunted all over the island and found Mason Jars (Ball) at the ACE hardware. I purchased all of the one Quart Jars they had (exactly 9 of them). Oh well, its a start to getting dog food out of the freezer for the long term. So more canning tonight as I purchased 15lbs of chicken thighs to can with petits pois for future doggy food. As long as I can find chicken in the island, I'll keep buying it fresh or frozen, but if it is not available or for long term travel, I'll have canned quarts of chicken and peas to add to fresh cooked rice.
I finished with the Dentist yesterday, they clean my teeth and sail everything was fine. 40 Euros for the dentist.
We will be heading out to Marigot Bay soon, just not sure which day. It may be on the Sunday morning bridge.