Dogs and St. Maarten

Working to get the pups into St. Maarten. Planning on leaving after Xmass for St. Maarten, but still waiting for a reply from the import office. Things are going well. We are at Nanny Cay (KEY) and I'll provision the boat later today. Plan on spending more time at Peter Island before we check out and head to St. Maarten. Pup's love Nanny Cay, there are chickens for Cinco to bark at and pretend to chase. Jupiter is fine but he as to "mind the gap" on the floating docks (that means that daddy picks him up on each gap).
I spend most of yesterday getting export certification for the dogs.
Today, I dropped a flat head screw driver in the bilge!!! Ugh it was a pain getting it out!!! but I managed after about 20 min of time. Have a new engine blower now plus a spare. I have one more project to do in the anchor locker. The V-berth is half unpacked to give me access… Will do more on Thursday.