Anchor Drag

I was at SMYC most of the day today and when I got home I was wandering why the boat that was next to me moved. Then I read my email. He didn't move, I moved. After over 6 weeks in the exact same spot my boat moved and the winds today were only 25 to 30kts, We had seen much worse in the past 6 weeks. I let out more scope, now I'm at 120ft in only 10 ft of water, that is 10to1.
I'm watching carefully and will have to dive the anchor in the morning. I have the dink set to go if I need to run a second anchor out at night. There is no-one directly behind me, but I'm in less than 10 ft of water, so don't want to drag too far. I think I'm still dragging but only by a foot or two every hour. It was a shopping day today and I picked up more ingredients for puppy jambalaya. I also got "lambis" boudin… Still they use clove in their boudin here. I think it would be better with cayenne. Oh well, I had to try it. I also picked up another pork loin marinated. Saturday will be lots of work, we have to setup Kemshaw beach for IT for Saturday and Sunday plus the race participant area for the U2 concert on Sunday. I have a free pass for the U2 concert!