Spent the morning with boat chores and helping a friend with their refrigeration system Back at the boat now and it is raining. I'll take it easy, doing laundry and have some big pots to clean after canning all that chicken for the dogs. Coming up with the grocery list for Tuesday's shopping run. Looks like we may get some real rain for the first time in a long while. All the trees are starting to turn brown. We could use a good down pour to wash the boat and fill the water tanks with fresh rain water.
I have to rearrange the V-berth and get things packed back securely for our next ocean passage (mini-passage) as most of the islands are just a day sail away (or overnight sail).
Checking with SBI to see about mail forwarding from FLA since Jimi is moving back to LA in the next few months.
Started Rum early today (against all the rules, but it sure taste good on a rainy day).