Weekend Sail

We had 25+kts of wind. It was fun going down wind from Annapolis. When we rounded Thomas Pt. light, we turned towards the West River and hit a beam reach. The waves were kicking up a bit of fetch and all was great! A reefed main and staysail at 7.5kts of speed. Then all of a sudden, just before getting to the marker on the West river, the staysail clew ring broke. I managed to salvage the sail before she was beaten to death.
All the same the long weekend on the Rhode River was nice. We hit bottom going in, given the very, very low tide caused by the North-West winds.
The sail is at the loft being repaired. It was Spectra Webbing that broke, after 17 years of sun exposure, it just couldn’t hold up. The loft is going to cover the connecting webbing so this doesn’t happen again.
Monday’s return trip was much more mellow, 4 to 5kts of wind from the South.