French Tex-Mex

Tom, Maje and I ran around the island yesterday and we stopped for a late lunch on the French side at a Tex-Mex place. Great views of Oyster Bay from the dinning area. The food wasn't just Tex-Mex, they have fish, steak, and pizza as well as Tex-Mex. I went for a pizza. I haven't had one in a very long time. It was nice thin crust pizza. I payed for it later in the amount of water I had to drink to compensate for the salty pizza. But in typical french style they always bring out a digestive. Usually it is a flavored rum concoction. In this case there were two, a ginger orange flavored as well as a banana vanilla rum. Be careful, they leave the bottle on the table… You don't want to drink much as it is RUM! and almost full proof.
Last week we also went around the island and stopped at Grand Case at a local "low low" for BBQ - very good. I'm gaining weight on the French food.