Clearing into St. Kitts

Clearing in was not that bad. Now a Cruise Ship docked at 8:00 when the offices open. I still went in at 8:00 and the marina staff pointed me to the banking center and a good cafe shop and told me to come back at 9:15, the process once customs was open took about 45 min. I only had to stop a 3 different places all within walking distance. So I hit the bank, cafe shop, and walked around town. St. Kitts is a Cruise Port only. The Cruise Area Mall about 8 sq blocks is nice, everything else is run down.
The people are nice, everyone says good morning and nods or tips their hat. I understand the food is great. I've never been here to so looking forward to a good meal.
The anchorage became really rolley at about 3AM so it will be nice to move down to another bay about 12:00 today. I'm letting the freezer thaw completely today so I can accurately measure the gas level in her. My addition of an OZ of gas didn't do the trick last night. All the freezer contends are in a soft ice chest for the next few hours. Once we get to another bay I'll start working on the freezer/frig.