St Martin Radio Net

St Martin has an active radio network hosted by Mike and Sally at Shrimpy's Laundry. The variety of accents of English used on the network is representative of the variety of nationalities here in St. Martin. Big thanks to Mike and Sally for this. It helps make the community vibrant. We have a BBQ at the Pink Iguana today, then a St. Patty's day celebration on Friday, we had a BBQ just this weekend. The other community support comes from Island Water World, they host shopping buses that leave both sides of the island and this is a great asset for getting the grocery shopping done. It is also a social event in the morning as everyone give tips to others about what is good or not and where to find specific items or services.
I had the hull cleaned yesterday and the anode on the prop was not in good condition. Guess that's the result on EYC marina, Nanny Key, and Fort Louis. I wasn't expecting that much damage. I'll have to pick up another anode when I'm down to the Chandleries.
The dogs are great icebreakers, I think all the kids on boats here know Cinco and Jupiter as we see them on Explorer Island every now and then and then the dogs come to some of the events with me to socialize.