Prickley Bay

I went to Prickley Bay in the Dink today so I could get some documents notarized and see the dink repair folks. I'll have to return Friday morning when SeaSafetyServices says they have an opening to inspect and repair the valves on the "new-to-me" dink. The only leaks I see are in the valves. I swapped out the engine and the old dink is now just floating. She is a bit shallow and wet in the chop. In addition, Cinco can see over the top of the old dink and so the past few rides have been a "bark fest" as he barks at everything he sees. It will be nice to be in the deep V-bottom boat so he can't see.
I'm not sure what dinner will be tonight… maybe guac and other veggies, may be roasted chicken at Whisper Cove.
It is Very hot and humid here in Grenada.