Loss of a Friend

Today I receive an email that a dear friend has passed away. I worked with her since 2004 and she, her husband, another couple and I would have lunch every Saturday at Davis' Pub in Annapolis from 2009 until about 2012 when she retired and they moved south. Last month they made a special trip to come down and see me here in Grenada. It was Great! I took them on a private tour of the Island and we had lots of fun catching up with all that was going on. I know they had fun on the tour as neither of them had been to Grenada before. Chico ran the tour for me and we did as much of the Island as you can do in just 6 hours. I know her husband reads my posts — so THANKS for coming to see me in Grenada last month. I will always cherish the time we had together in Annapolis and on the Grenada tour. If you need anything, just yell, you have my email address.