This evening Christmas Celebration

I went to the Jab Jab village again, but this time was for a traditional christmas feast. Wow it was a great celebration. Nikki and Jamie went shopping yesterday. They picked up a young pig and put it in the trunk of the car then did lots of other shopping. Nikki said the car broke down twice and she had the hear the pig squealing in the trunk. Oh that pig was yummy.
They boiled on hind quarter in salt water for the sliced ham with home made rolls. We also had calalou, slaw, potato salad, bread fruit salad, stuffed and roasted bread fruit, BBQ chicken, BBQ lambis and black cake. Black cake is like fig cake but denser and with a bottle for red wine and two bottles of OP rum poured over it. The rest of the pig was roasted in two different seasonings, one with hot peppers, the other with garlic and sage. Just getting home now at 10:30 PM after leaving at 1:00 today. So here are a few pictures of the food and once shot of some of the gang there to eat. Starting with Black cake.