Still no Internet

My Digicell is working for phone, but not data and there is no Digicell office nearby. Wow I smell cinnamon, someone must be cooking on shore or on a nearby boat. We will be moving on to Anse A L'ane on Thursday morning in hopes of getting better access to beaches and services. It is about 8 miles from here so it should be a short sail. In addition, there is not a drop off into the bottom of the ocean just a few hundred feet from where we are anchored.
I dragged anchor 3 times today and reset twice. I now have 10:1 rode ratio out and that is working. The anchor alarms are set, so I should sleep okay and I've prepared the boat so that I can start the engine and pull up the rode should the alarms go off without dealing with a towed dink and other stuff. All the electronics are on standby so there is no boot up time should they be needed quickly.
My last anchor reset, I move the boat to 16ft of water then dropped the anchor, there is a shelf of 20ft depth that runs about 300 feet and then it drops to 30ft for about 100ft of length, after that the bottom falls off quickly to 2000ft. So if I drag at night, the Bruce anchor should reset before I fall of the ledge :). (Murphy's law not withstanding).