Jab Jab Camp for Oildown and BBQ

Last night we had a gathering of cruisers at the Jab Jab Camp for Oildown and BBQ. This is the first time they have hosted anyone at the Jab Jab Camp. If you want to know more about Jab Jab in Grenada, look it up on Google. First picture is of everyone entering the camp.
The Camp is near the top of a Mountain in Woburn on the South West side of Grenada. The view from the Camp is sweet.
The Camp itself is rustic but well maintained, there is small kitchen where the food is prepared and a large fire pit and huge steel rack to hold the massive Oildown pot. There is a Bar and lots of picnic tables under the covered roofs.
They went out and gathered fresh bread fruit, figs (aka cooking bananas), callalou, and others stuff from the forests around the camp. The we all pitched in to chop everything up and prepare the OilDown pot. If you want to see more about Oildown, see a past post in August 17 on the blog. They also had a guided hike for those that wanted to check out the top of the mountain. With my foot still healing, I instead helped prepare food. Overall, a fun night and a good Oildown with lots of Lambis and pig snout.