Things we do for long term safety

I have a sat phone and in-reach unit that I pay for these each month or every 6 months… The deal is that most of the time these devices are turned off until I'm sailing, but I sail less than 10% of the time. The rest of the time I'm on the hook and enjoying an island or country and these devices are turned off. But all the same we have to maintain these connection and subscriptions to satellite services to keep everyone we know back on shore happy that they can track us, contact us, and know we are okay. There must be a better way to track us and know that we are okay.
Another tropical storm is brewing and Grenada is in the red cone for now. It looks like it will go north of us at this time. I'm keeping an Eye on her all the same.
Boudin for lunch on Monday!!! Yeh, thanks to my sisters!
I think the pups and I will go swimming again on Monday. They did so well yesterday. They won't like it, but its good exercise for them. And the water is 82deg F.
I sent a propane bottle off to be refilled. The 20lbs bottle last about 5 months. It should be back here later today. We have two bottles so we still have cooking gas.
I also had a case of Carib beer delivered this morning… That stuff is good when it is ice cold and since I defrosted the plates in the freezer a few days ago, the frig is really cold.