So much crap to do

We moved to Marigot bay yesterday and I plan on checking out before Easter, but then there is so much crud to do to get the boat ready for sailing. Mostly it is packing things securely that have been pulled out over the past few months. I packed a lot down last week, but still have more to do. I also want to prepare some food for the trip. Antigua is 1 day off, but I may skip here and go for Guadaloupe… that would be two days. Charging batts today and getting the water maker running in the clean ocean water of Marigot. Should be ready by Sunday if we depart then. May just stay here for Easter and pick up some fresh veggies and head out Monday. Have to plan the trip. I may go to St. Kitts for a day, still not sure until the winds start blowing again. Lots of rain today and no wind. It is to go NE on Sunday and pickup on Monday and Tuesday. I'll study the maps tonight.