One of Eleven

For some reason today I though about oil and drilling. Then my head raced with BP and the disaster or the Deep Horizon Rig. One person on that rig was someone I knew. Blair Manuel was the older brother of Chris Manuel a classmate of mine since pre-school. We shared a birthday (or close enough). Blair was one of the missing from that disaster. Chris and Blair lived on a farm on the north-east side of Eunice where I grew up. I rode my bike there many times on the old road, as well as the new road, as well as the southern route off US 190 then North over the tracks. I much preferred the old highway on the North side as there were trees and shade for the bike ride. Chris and Blair turned me on to Black Sabbath, Cat Stevens, and Blue Oyster Cult…..Thanks!
I do not know the other 10 that died and were never found as a result of that disaster. But One is enough!

Cheap Gas - People die to produce it.