Bread Pudding

Last week I purchased a most excellent loaf of french bread baked by a Separatist from Canada. The loaf was in a thin paper bag and set in the basket to dry up and go stale. This morning I have everything I need for bread pudding so I dig out my two big bowls to decide which one I'm going to use. Bowl selected, Liter of Milk and eggs ready. I grabbed the paper bag out of the basket, reached in an pulled out what looked like a fully decorated King Cake! Every color you can imagine was on the top and bottom sides of this loaf. So ended the plans to make bread pudding and hard sauce. I'll have to do better next week.
Oh it is the rainy season here and it has rained a lot… that might help explain what the bread molded instead of drying out like it usually does. (Hum. but, maybe it is something else… they have bread on Saturday now…. that was a no-no just last month cause the baker was a Seventh Day Adventist…) Maybe someone else is baking the bread! Oh, your in the "Twilight Zone."