Beach Day

We spent the day on So. Friar's beach and went down to the beach bar at the south end of the bay. I had a couple of rum punches and the pups had lots of water. I didn't take them swimming since they get all wet than sandy and then bring all the sand into the boat. On the return walk, Jupiter stopped three times to just lay in the sand exhausted. He had no problem going to the south side of the bay, but he didn't do very well coming back. I'm worried that he may be getting close to the end. Once at home on the boat he was his usual self he event peed on the rug at sunset…. :) Daddy will clean that up. The freezer is working again Yeh… but i've had to marinate some fish and chicken that thawed out. I've also had to cook some sausage and other items that I'm canning so they will be good in the cabinet. I don't have anymore small Ball Jar lids. Ugh. I have wide mouth lids, but none of the standard narrow lids. That will be on my next shopping list.