Got into Nevis this afternoon. I'm going to stay an extra day. The winds are fickle and are expected to be that way on Friday. I had to catch a mooring ball single handed again. This is never easy but did it on the first pass today with 20kts of wind with shifting directions. Two hours later, the wind is down to 5kts. Ugh, my luck. I'm eating food out of the freezer that thawed in the episode at St. Kitts. I have chicken breasts and marlin in marinade. I'm going to Sunshine's tonight, I hope they have lobster!!! That will go great with a single Killer Bee, no more than one of those, I've seen what happens to people that drink more than one :) (to my sisters and brother-in-law).
There are no clouds on the mountain today. It had been covered in clouds while we were in St. Kitts. Now we have really clear skies. Maybe I'll see a green flash (or the killer bee make me see a green flash).
I helped the Canadian's find their lost dink and they payed for my dinner (tell that to Trump who can't get MX to pay for his wall). The pups had fun at Sunshines, but no Killer Bees for them. I had two Killer Bees. Sunshine's has changed a bit since I was here over 15 years ago. The now have a deck and a beach bar on the deck. The killer bee is not as lethal as it was then, but still good!