Grenada is a very friendly island and still rustic. Everyone says, "Hello, Good Morning", Hello Good Afternoon or Hello Good evening when you encounter them on the streets. There is no Graffiti anywhere and there is very little litter. St. Martin is also nice, but very modern compared to Grenada. You could not starve on Grenada as there is always something in season and growing wild all over the island. Currently it is Avacados, Mangoes, Bread Fruit, Passion Fruit, Sour sop, star fruit and wax apples. St. Martin doesn't have the local agriculture however, St. Martin doesn't have the high tariffs and duties for imports. It is a trade off. If you eat local in Grenada it is cheap as most things are grown here. Leafy lettuce is 2.5 EC locally grown, in St. Martin it is 4 EU and imported from France. But imports cost extra in Grenada, whereas they are about the same cost as in the US when in St. Martin. Now wine is another deal. In St. Martin you can get amassing french wine for a few dollars a bottle as well as french butter, cheese and bread. In Grenada the only wine is either US or South American and the best is from South America, but it cost more than $10 US a bottle whereas the French wine in St. Martin was $4 a bottle and in general better quality.
I'm going for the Whisper Cove Brunch on Sunday. I hear it is very good… More to come.