Sail to St Maarten

We will sail to St. Maarten tomorrow after we checkout. It is 106 miles from here to there and there is an adverse current of .5 to 1.0 kts. I'm estimating 5.5 kts of speed from here to there and then adding some fudge since the winds will likely require a 20 mile tack. Overall expecting it to take 20 hours to get there. So we'll be leaving at about 2:00 PM. Expecting a nice sail there. I've got a slip in Fort Louis on the french side of the island. I'll have to file my final paper work on Thursday via the Internet to enter. I expect we will be there for two or three weeks, then we head to Antigua for a couple of weeks, then Guadeloupe for another two or three weeks.
Engine serviced in case we need to user her to get to St. Maarten. The boat is provisioned for an other few weeks (including puppy food).
Rum is really good tonight - with lime.