Rain and Laundry

I did one load of laundry yesterday, sheets, towels, etc. and as soon as I hung them to dry it started raining. It rained on and off until the late afternoon, just enough time for the sheets and pillow cases to dry before nightfall.
Today I started a second load at 9AM and hung them out to dry at 11:30 and it started raining at 11:33. What luck?
Almost no wind today. The NOAA forecast was for less than 10kts, but we are having less than 2kts.
We will leave tomorrow for Pigeon Island and stay there for a day or two then off to "the Saints" for a few days. There should be some good snorkeling at Pigeon Island. So far, St Barth had the best but I have yet to see the rocks on the north side of this anchorage. They are supposed to be good.
Cinco came home with more thorny seeds in his hair than I have ever seen. He must have 100 of them tangled in there. I think the puppies are getting crew cuts once we get the Pigeon Island. They won't like it but it is needed. Jupiter only has two or three tangled in his leggings.