Local Brewery on Wednesday Night

They have a local jam session at the Grenada Brewery every Tuesday, but this week it was delayed until after the TS passed.
These are all local boaters on the stage playing some awesome music (two saxes, drums, bass, electric and acoustic guitars and a vocalist doing Van Morrison). The beer is good as well, they have special water chillers to keep the beer cool while fermenting - the only way to make good beer in this climate. I got a private tour of the brewery. Nice pub grub too — for 20EC you get a cab ride there and back + two pints of beer. I had more than 2 pints :) and some food.
Picture of Pat and D (from Iota LA) at the Brewery.
There is a dinghy concert this Sunday at the bay just to the east of us. I'll be going there this weekend with the pups in our dink. It should be fun, they anchor a couple of barges out in the bay and everyone ties up for a party.
Carnival will start here in a couple of weeks. It sounds awesome, to I'll be at Jouvey by 2AM for the kick off in old clothes so I can get painted by the locals before marching through town. I guess I'll have to bring a change of clothes as well so I can get back on the taxi after the march through town. I'll try to remember to bring my camera.